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Welcome to GarnTua!

Your personal weshop, located in Sweden just outside of Gothenburg!
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This is one of Sweden’s oldest yarn shops, opened in March 1944 on Nygatan in Alingsås.

My name is Mia Aarstrand and I own and operate the store since 2010.

I’m from Norway and have knitted since I was 7 years old. For some years back I have created my own designs, and my concept is patterns for easy knitting in the finest yarns. My patterns are avaliable for download here on our website or at  ravelry.

I am educated in graphic design and photo / film. What I like best is to play and experiment with colors and preferably with the finest of the finest yarns!

When You buy from GarnTua I handle your order with care to make sure you get best quality.

GarnTua only provides highest quality yarn, and I’m very careful with my purchases.

Welcome to my little yarn shop with a wide range of exclusive yarns !

Sincerely, Mia